A growing list of Funko Pop! Tees

Another Disney inspired Funko Pop! Tee featuring The Next American Hero, The Rocketeer.

The loveable character from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Baymax was given his very own Funko Pop! Tee

With the Dawn of Justice comes the dawn of a new Funko Pop! Tee featuring DC Comics superhero, Wonder Woman and her trusty sword.

Once again DC Comics and Funko have teamed up to bring us this Pop! Tee of the superhero Wonder Woman holding her Lasso of Truth.

DC Comics and Funko Pop! Tees did it again with this Sideshow version of the evil villain The Joker.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stranger.

The most popular female villain in the DC Comics universe, Harley Quinn is featured as the Diamond Queen on this Funko Pop! Tee

This Funko Pop! Tee features DC Comics superhero the Flash with the caption Track & Field Athletic Department

This Funko Pop! Tee features DC Comics superheroes Batman & Robin in their retro comic book designs.

Batman takes on Superman in this DC Comics Dawn of Justice inspired Funko Pop Tee.

This Funko Pop! Tee comes in two variations. The first features Babymetal with the caption Tokyo Tour 2015 The other features Babymetal with the caption Metal Resistance 2015

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