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These Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pop! Figures Are Way Too Cute to Handle

Funko is rolling out a new line of sci-fi, first-person shooter video game themed vinyl toys and, as you’ve probably already figured out by the headline, the Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pop! figures are just too freakin’ adorable. Eight different toys based on the newest installment in the Mass Effect franchise will be will be hitting the shelves in March to coincide with the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21st. You can take a look at the full list of toys on Funko’s website.

Andromeda Funko Pop

The characters that will be coming into the bobble-headed, 3D realm of Pop! Vinyls are PeeBee, Sara Ryder, Liam Kosta, Jaal, The Archon, Sara Ryder (Masked), N7 Sara Ryder, and PeeBee with a gun. Some of the figures will be exclusive to different stores, so you can only get the Masked Sara Ryder at GameStop, the N7 Sara Ryder at Best Buy, and gun wielding PeeBee at Target.

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Source: Google Funko Pop

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